11/30 New Moon 4: Drunken Fool Q#2 – the Quest

Wise intoxicated praying prey preying, did you know the word intoxicate comes from the greek toxikon meaning toxic, originally used for the poison applied to arrow tips? Did you know cultures all over the world ingest various forms of “poison” (or medicine) to slip out of their usual minds to find guidance, increased focus and hunting ability, healing technology, liberated inhibition, and much else?

Curandera Living Nourished, how do you poison, medicate, and or heal yourself by slipping into different states of consciousness? Which selves do you poison? Which selves do the poisoning? What’s your poison?  Who did you learn that style of poisoning from? What are you hunting for?

Take these questions with you into yourself and your world as you hunt down the answers. Return to your people with the feast of your findings.

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