12/2 Quencher: Drunken Fool Q#4

Drunken master, have you remembered how to get to your mouth? How to pour sweet spirits on the ground to honor the ancestors? Or have you lost the way to the ground as well?

Take a moment to quench the thirst of your ancestors by raising a glass (of whatever you want) and toasting those who came before you, speaking the words to them you would like those who come after you to say in your memory. Raise your glass 4 times in the spirit of this forth day of spirit-drunken-foolish-mindfoolness. 

Share some or all of your four ancestral toasts in  the CLN Online CREATIVE SPACE in the form of a photo, poem, painting, etc. Post in your social media networks, in a comment on this blog, and/or in the CLNFacebook Group with the hashtag:


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