12/3 Quarrel: Drunken Fool Q#5

Let us wrestle with our waters, Drunken Master; let the waves of grief, anger, sadness overtake you, and be body slammed by the forces of nature your emotions are. How about you play opossum for a while, then right when all those emotions think they have won; jump up and proclaim victory, for you have won the battle, the war, and all quarrels that have and shall come.

This is what happened; drunk on spirit, you wondered to the battlefield of emotional life, and passed out; all of your ancestors showed up to celebrate your arrival; while being celebrated – all of your emotional opponents, became friends, drunk off spirit and grateful to see themselves, and their ancestors.

Drunken CLN Master, please tell us here at CLN, How does one befriend all those who have come to wreck havoc in this guest house called Me? And, what spirits must we invite to that celebration?

Write, record or draw your fable-ous story, fictional or OtherWise. Share on your social media networks, on the CLN Facebook Group, and/or in a comment on this blog.


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