12/4 Quell: Drunken Fool Q#6

Defiant drunken fool, who was shy at first, yet has now lost their inhibitions; how has your mastery of drunken rebellion and foolhardy upheaval of all things fallaciously factual helped to quell the uprising of tyranny in our Democracy?

We at CLN know that democracy is an experiment, and want to invite all you non-violent, liquored liberals, long island ice tea party conservatives, golden Crystal green party progressives and you wino cellared Libertarians to take a moment to contemplate, what made your democracy great before, what currently makes it great and what is putting it at risk for a tyrannical overtaking…?

Don’t take too long Drunken Master, the answers are needed now…share your insights in collage, painting, photograph, sound, and/or whatever…post on your social network sites and in the CLN Facebook Group using the hashtag…


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