12/14 Quest: Birth of Earth Q#2

Go to a sacred site. Now. This could be the place breath meets the opening of your nostrils, or the corner where the homie Mario was murdered, or the place the sun meets the hills from your backyard on the solstice, or the bathroom where you do your best thinking while you shit in the mornings, or a place you visit often in your mind but not nearly as often in flesh & bone cuz it’s far way…

Whichever sacred site calls you now, go.

Leave something that only you would leave, something that your friends would shake their head at with amusement, admiration, joy, ridicule, tenderness, cuz it’s sooo your style. Give this sacred site a token of your unique embodied perspective as a prayer for you, your life, your family, your community, and our world. Let this offering, that is sooo you, be a disruption to anything that seeks to devour you and your uniqueness into assimilated controllable, sellable, buyable conformity. If it feels right, make a wider ripple of disruption and inspire our own uniqueness by sharing here, on your social networks, and/or in our online community gallery in the FaceBook Group:

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