12/13 CLN 4th Full Moon – Birth of Earth

“The earth is my home. My unique embodied perspectives, desires, and struggles have been called forth for our collective liberation.”

01_02_Birth of Earth_Formatted.jpg

Love, Sun of Seven Sisters Sundancing, Spiraling Peace Pipe Line-age carrier, Prayer warrior sitting up in Bear’s tipi, You are the Birth of Earth. We have been feeling it, dreaming it, thinking it, wanting it, and now it is coming into Flesh & Bone. What is IT for you now? Who in you has called it forth? How is it a gift for us all?

Completion is perfection. If the earth is our home. If our unique embodied perspectives, desires, and struggles have been called forth for our collective liberation, then we are born complete with all that is needed for us to serve our purposes and there is no way we cannot. Everything we are, everything we experience, everything we feel, think, do, and do not is the perfect gift for this time and this place. Each moment, an expression of our perfect completion, regeneration, and rebirth into another iteration of our complete design. If there is no need for anything but what is being expressed right now, does that change what and how you express? Does that change your relationship to what has been, what is arriving, and what will be? Be careful, we are not asking you to bypass anything, to feel peaceful when you are rageful, to feel activated when you feel hopeless, we are asking you to engage with all that is authentically present as if it is the perfect response, and to be curious about how it might just be.

Play this game with us today and for the rest of this quarter of this moon. Say thank you for each complete and perfect expression you experience as you experience it. In these times of great turmoil, chaos, awakening, collective healing, and connection, what within you wants to be shared with us all? Be curious about it’s perfection and what is being completed. Feel into the completeness of any experience of lack and or desire for something different, as if it’s the perfect ally and guide to answer what is being asked for. Celebrate what is easy to notice as complete and perfect thoroughly, and spend quality time with what is hardest to experience this way, exploring from all angles to find the completion and perfection inherently already present.

Birth to earth your authentic creative responses to what you find in anyway you desire. Thank you for completing us simply in being.

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