12/28 – 5th CLN New Moon – Pity the Fool

Pity the Fool

“I pity the fool in me that pits me against any fool in our destiny”





From the early 13c. Old French pitet “pity, mercy, compassion, care, tenderness”; from Latin Pietatem (nominative pietas) “piety, loyalty, duty; dutiful conduct, sense of duty; religiousness, faithfulness to natural ties”.

In contemporary times, if you pity me, you fool enough to think you know better than life themselves, what i need. If you pity me, it is a violence inserted into me; it is the assumption that what you think “better” is, is universal truth; Fool, don’t miss the miraculous, the perfectly designed, the immaculate inter-being in everything, even as you dissect and deconstruct oppressive systems young warrior, cuz nature runs through everything we know, and forget, like good fools. 


“I pity the fool in me that pits me against any fool in our destiny”.


You the fool, i say pointing into this multi-dimensional mirror we call world, i pity the fool who don’t pity you like it’s an etymology party themed “1399;” With dutiful conduct, faithfulness in our natural ties, with compassion and mercy, tenderness and care, with loyalty to the pious nature of all being, I pity you-and-I verse on the wildest track of all times, it’s that long too, i pity the fool.


I am the gold nugget you find in the wreckage after the storm;

The butterfly that flutters by and lands on your nose

when you’re just about done with this whole muthafatherin place.


I am the paradigm shift after the voices lift in the eye of the storm,

in the dirt from the shit.


I am the living voices of the spirits of the creatures who’s bodies are no longer born.

One translation for Anuttara-samyak-sambodhi (or enlightenment) is extinguishment,

I am the golden light of the leaving species

imparting enlightenment as a gift into the world

in the extinguishing

of their own light


I am the Tenderhearted bad-a$$ gaudy gorgeous demi god

A fooool.

You can tell in my flutter glide gold nugget slide strut that Black Lives Better Matter Fool #BLBMF 

I am boldly a Black Man.

And a butterfly too

Clowning parrot song bird

with a wedding bonnet

and a climate justice march sunflower hairdo

reppin’ Jordi Leforge with my Inuktitut snow glasses,

you know the world’s heating up, but it can still be a cold world too.

like my cusin’s the Monarchs,

getting closer to enlightenment i guess…

If only we could trade the monarchy for my monarch kin

that would save us all,

them too…

I am a shit talker,

compost excess imperialism in my poetry,

and then i can pity the fool.

You know you got me in your A-team 

Call upon me fool

I pity the fool


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