01/03 – 5th CLN New Moon – Q#7 – Quarrel

Pity the Fool! Leon Trotsky said, “You are pitiful isolated individuals; you are bankrupts; your role is played out. Go where you belong from now on / into the dustbin of history!”

Some say one cannot be pitiful and powerful – so be it. How about you become a monster, and inhabit that dustbin like the greatest monster I have ever known – Cookie Monster. Take your voracious appetite for all things you desire and “Om nom nom nom” it. This is a fight, and you are fighting for your right to be as pitiful and dustbin destined as you desire. So my pitiful fool Cookie Loving Nightmare, how will you fight for your destiny, even as you find yourself pitied?

You are ready to fight and claim your right to a pitiful destiny. Share your masterpiece using whatever weapon of mass creation you desire — collage, painting, photograph, sound, poetry, and/or whatever…post on your social network sites and in the CLN Facebook Group using the hashtag:


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