1/5 – 6th Earth: Q#1

“I am the answered Prayer”


The Asaro of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea have a saying: “Knowledge is only a rumor until it lives in the muscle.”

How does one know truth, when power is an illusion that many put there bodies into, that many allow their minds to be taken by; know that this allowance, is owed us, by the bodies and minds of those that have come before. We are not alone, have never been alone. Our stories are pathways – our suffering is our sermon.

The future is dark, can you see it, not dark like destructive or bad, but unseen, unable to be seen. How does one choose to travel through worlds when we have learned that to exist is to survive unfair choices, suffering, oppression, hatred, greed, confusion, hopelessness, terror, trauma, disaster.


The pain that comes when you realize the world is not as you want it to be

I am in a dream, I do not know who the dreamer is, or how long they have been dreaming; there is a very real possibility that some manifestation of me, is dreamer, dreamscape, and by maintaining aspects of the life we know, it becomes much more difficult to manifest the life we want to know. How does one bring together the physical and the spiritual? How does one acknowledge the self-confidence present in order to release new streams of energy in order to create a powerful and rewarding reality around us? Know that harmony comes from a profoundly rooted trust in self and that when we allow our power to flow, even our suffering becomes the light that will allow us to arise into that long awaited dawn.

Know that you are the answered prayer, and rest, because the body is learning to rise renewed, in order to answer the call. Re-member – even your suffering is sacred!






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