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There have been many Wars fought throughout our shared history, more than can be named, and more dead than can be grieved.  Warriors fight with a song on their heart that is a prayer both for comrade and for enemy. There are many bodies that make up this earth, while we breathe, we notice the trees, while we drink we remember the water from which we grew, while we eat, we give thanks for all the beings that have given life to become warrior, and while we dream we remember those that have come and gone, as the sun rises and sets.

Dear time traveler, as you traverse the bloody pathways of human movement, what do you see in the bodies that lay upon the path toward the futures that have past and the futures to come? What are the times in your life, that have called you to remember, even in times of peril- the shared fate of the human form? 

The Warrior, Poem by Hafiz

The warriors tame
The beast in their past
So that the night’s hoofs
Can no longer break the jeweled vision
In the heart.

The intelligent and the brave
Open every closet in the future and evict
All the mind’s ghosts who have the bad habit
Of barfing everywhere.

For a long time the Universe
Has been germinating in your spine

But only a Saint has the talent,
The courage to slay
The past-giant, the future-anxieties.

The warrior
Wisely sits in a circle
With other men
Gathering the strength to unmask

Sits, giving,
like a great illumined planet on

What do you give Warrior, after having gathered strength and having unmasked yourself? 

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