02/18 – 6th CLN Waning Moon – The Communicator (Magi) – Big Q

“The universe is my brilliant trick.”

0_01_The Communicator_formatted.jpg

I am the many fools wrapped in multitudes of multiverses.

Everything is Magic.

Spell it out in sensation, vibration, intuition, emotion, a complex network of narratives and worldviews, strategy, identity, an entity, a community, a society, an ecosystem, a life, a world, worlds, science, god, nature, the universe, etc…


I am the spell to dispel spells.


I break hearts into wholeness.


I am magic,

without Magicians.


This reading is perfect.


My brilliant trick,
Heavy handed slight of hand,

a mirror filled with abstract, matter of fact, rippling reflections of my complete nature.

What is being revealed?  

I am.

That i am.


Wise fool!

We have come to the house of mirrors looking for each other.  

Bring the innocence,

the seed we wish to plant here in life,

take care now, we know many tricks, you and I are one of them.


Yes!!! Ask your questions, seek your magic, create your worlds,

lose yourself and find yourself in them and discover you were the house of mirrors all along.


I am your reflection

Let us say to ourself,

  “I expect the unexpected and bare witness to myself as the impossible.”


  “I am the will of transformation,

 Imagination manifest,

 Cosmic Love Neon-signs.”


  “I am the gift the universe could not not give.”

  “I am creative creation.”

  “I am the water the earth has quenched me with,

  the earth that has sustained me,

the fire that emanates and devours this life,

the inhales and exhales of space time;

 I am what the earth and ethers will make of me when they take “me” back.”


  “I am the stories we tell,

 I am an i only as long as I want to be.

 I am an eye only as long as I want to see.”


“I am the universe’s brilliant trick.”


  “I am Magic without Magicians.”

  “I am you fool, and so many Assistants.”


 Incant through dance, song, word, vision, silence, etc… to reveal a particularly present part of the magic and/or magician you are today, spell out in the symbolic language of your choosing, and share it where it’s called…

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