02/19 – 6th CLN Waning Moon – The Communicator (Magi) – Q2 – Quest

Ah, you have come to ask the Magi for a quest have you?


look into my mirror,
What’s that you say?
The mirror looks like a disco ball?
A fun house?
A kaleidoscope?


Very Astute my Magi.
The mirror is reflecting past, present, future, and parallel universes specifically as they appear to you. This universe we share is a multiverse, the intersection of my universe and yours, and this multiverse is only one of an infinite number.
Every possibility manifests in a multiverse of it’s own, and they all simultaneously exist within a larger universe. You Magi, can travel through my mirror to any multiverse you wish.

Today, your quest is to travel first to a moment you wish had gone differently, and then to  the center of your truest intentions, ask there to be guided to the parallel universe where this moment you first visited was completely and successfully guided by these truest intentions.

When you return to this multiverse, notice how it has become yet another, what is different? Share with anyone involved in this moment you have just traveled through, and with whomever else you want.

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