02/27 – 7th CLN New Moon – the Scales of Justice Fool – Q2 – Query

I am the Tipping Point.

I am the Tipping Point

This is for the wolf flow

the dog god trained outta me

this is for the relationship to the creative nature of my world

and my own being

I lost when my land, my culture, my body, my family, my life

was stolen


and sold off

It’s happened to us all

we live in it

we build the best we can within it’s teeth

often trying our hardest to ignore the puncture wounds, and scrapes and bruises

We built it to assist us

We built it to assist us

Or that’s the story we tell ourselves to survive it

stories from the architects

The scales of justice fool questions everything.


Who’s hands are the hands of justice?

How does the yin and yang of justice show up in your life?

Under which scales does justice live in your body?

how do you make room for indignation and dignity?

Who’s mothafatha scales are these and how many scales are we counting?

has justice preyed on you?

What if prey is a worthy and ready adversary in disguise?

do the scales of wrong and right have to fight?

where is dignity in justice?

What would justice allow you not to question?

What if the scales of Justice are lopsided and rickety?

What if they are severe and hypocritical?


If a ferret jester bunny tips over our precarious tower of tyranny, which way do we fall?

How many masks does justice need to stay elusive unseen, and a dream?

What is justice to the sun?

What is the justice of the sun?

what does the Scales of Justice fool ask you?

share with us #CLNscalesofjusticefool

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