Scales of Justice Fool: Quarrel-Q7

What happens when the snake that holds the scales of Justice quarrels with the fool?


 I am the scales of Justice            my balance is the truth           I find that if you speak it dream it             wake into it                 my Justice is the proof              I hold my scales real tight as to make sure you see the way           I know what Justice is and I will tell you for the grave All come to me          to be judged rightly         I hold scales real close                                           and so the scales hold me             I am the truth you seek        I am the path that brings peace the truth they speak                   that’s why I follow me                  I am the path most righteous that which can never be wrong                       I slither so quickly                           I run and i win   I am a sidewinding tree climbing cousin of the bulls eye marked and hit,

                                                and I only eat when I am hungry – peace.

How do you know you are hungry? if you eat the same time every week                                 how do you know you are hungry? if all you ever do is sleep,                                                       how do you know you judge rightly? when the apple tree is full and you still chose one, when there are countless directions, and you still only look for shade from the sun,           you run to win yet the run has just begun. Your verse feels rickety, wobbly, and confused. I appreciate your style and the way you weave dream seams in deserted streams and find the time to share rhyme thank you for the unwind, and now I will rest for a lifetime. I came in swallowed swaddled and swindled, been in the digestive track of the beast since before I could breath, heartbeat unfolding me,  when my Mama was my country, and sometimes I feel hungry – what if we call that the beginning…

how would you quarrel with the snake that holds the scales of Justice?

We see the scales of Justice fool in all its glory!!!
2/26 – 7th CLN New Moon – The Scales of Justice Fool – “I am the tipping point.”

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