7th Fire: Q1

“Great daring and strength rises within and fear fades away.”


Welcome 7th fire, Steward of this world, your arrival signals that great change is in the atmosphere and that it is time to take account of our inner resources, noting the courage and strength present. What are the Big decisions that need to be made? The moment must be met– persevere, compete, and challenge the forces that attack–remember, “I am the Steward of this world,” ready to defend. Balance is necessary to hold this ground. Stay true to self, believe in oneself, and allow nothing to undermine vision and creative effort. The miraculous is upon us, and acceptance is a part of the path to the heroic end-all are not in support, yet this heart beats to the rhythm of today.
seven notes from one account:  
  1. I feel into this place where i rest, stepping out of hell for the world tour, re-coveting the decadent, spent, last five dollars on cigarettes, grapes stay lit, take a sip, of these dragonball libations, liberating myself with the next breath, heaven sent, orb just a little further away then i can reach,
  2. the fire follows me, annihilation of belief, warring in a concrete jungle scene, trumpets sound, and beats break on walls i cant seem to remember how to walk through, hoes on my corner, legalize prostitution, no pimps needed when we free,
  3. i sign the constitution, cant seem to find the line for that belief, or the line for editing, wanted to talk about 1THRU10 about expansion, your reason cant hold my intuition, but you can follow me, liked the hell i just walked through, i sat down at times, felt the ground under my feet, had water with me, wine in my never ending stack of laundry, the torture if washing, clean like money on wall st., you got some change for me, hey mr. Bill, you got some change for me, that i can see on these streets.
  4. I would talk to the politicians, but i think they got deaf ears Sun, and aint no reason for me to fall their , deaf is tight might not fit through right. Catch the air and intuition takes me there.  softly, i ask for too much, it feels like a whisper, a gay cultural understanding, its just for fun, god as well,
  5. what if i stand in the middle of a warzone, does that make you monk, meditating, reflection in stillness, amen, ashe floats through weed smoke and alcohol tio, i sit with my uncle everyday, 3000 miles away in a cell, i sit with all who inhabit seats empty at times, come and gone, i have seen many times, its beautiful. I have felt the human in me, blessed being, known the streets, but the world is home to me, i feel kingdom within,
  6. i feel heaven on my block, only have to carry the weight of me, the way i make believe, since my story is all that i hold, and the ones you have shared with me, make believe, i shake at times because i hold it delicately, blessings need to be free, well maybe, its the sadness in the experience of a consciousness we natives share,
  7. first precedent time and space representing natives of consciousness, rainbow galaxy, that melancholy madness, the window look out, the sitting and feeling, i sat and felt.

share your account of inner resources, noting the courage and strength present, and any Big decisions that need to be made on your social media networks, and in our CLN facebook creation space #CLN7thFire 

2 thoughts on “7th Fire: Q1

  1. I have big decisions to make on my next steps to complete healing. I am feeling courageous as I continue on my path of faith, knowing what I have already dealt with, knowing my strength in this journey “battle”. I will prevail!!!! I am grateful for all the supportive messages I get from many directions.

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