7th CLN Full Moon: 5th Earth-Q1-Big Q

05_5th Earth_Formatted

“Antiquated structures and agreements have no power over me. I am liberation.”


I choose liberation. 

I choose the adventure of authenticity.

I am no longer comfortable with lies.
I see the electric fence of our past agreements and i see it’s powered by our own energy. 
I am bringing my energy back home to my body, I am updating it’s current currently. 

I return anyone else’s energy i have been trying to control.

Rather than using our energy to keep us confined to something that used to feel safe and protective, or used to feel powerful and empowering, or used to feel out of my control, I am using this energy to create something that feeds our Wolf Flow. I am re-wilding the God Dog right now. 

I know anyone who seeks to stand in my way is just wearing a mask, they are an ally in my initiation. The mask is a mirror for my own limiting stories, beliefs, and agreements. 

Antiquated structures and agreements have no power over me. I am liberation. 

I choose myself.
In choosing myself truly, i choose you; Truly. 
Come out of hiding, break out of internal incarceration, stop agreeing to the imprisonment  and genocide our lives are built on, and dance a dance of freedom while we build a new world. 
Take a step today, change the structure of the habitat your habits make, pivot step, and choose what makes you truly live!!!

Create a new governance that flows forth and follows thriving life force within and between us all.

Share with us how you choose liberation today here, in your social media networks, and in our closed Facebook Creation Space with #CLN5thEarth

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