7th CLN Full Moon: 5th Earth – Q2 – the Quintessential

05_5th Earth_Formatted

The 5th earth is about choosing to continue forward in one’s growth. We cultivate identities, relationships, livelihoods, and ways of life. These must adjust as we grow and change. Sometimes parts of ourselves will try to prevent this change out of fear, in the name of comfort, safety, and control. The 5th Earth says it’s time to recognize how prioritizing some kinds of comfort, safety, and control can suppressed our capacities for freedom, authenticity, and true harmony (which may actually be what we were seeking in trying to keep comfort, safety, and control). 

What place does fear have in harmony; with ourselves and our worlds?

To answer this we ask:

Who is the quintessential you right now?
1. What are the sensations?
2. What images come?
3. What emotions?
4. If you had a 10 point platform like the Black panthers for the quintessential you, what would it be?

5. What shatters, falls away, disintegrates, or transforms in your life as you center yourself in this quintessential you? 

answer one or all and Share: #CLN5thEarth


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