7th CLN Full Moon: 5th Earth – Q3 – (soulilo)Quy

05_5th Earth_Formatted


we are constantly violated.
Many of the very structures of our lives
are violent to us and others.
Our lives are filled with things procured through the viscous exploitations of our people, our relations, and our creator, the Earth.
Yes. This is devastatingly true.
We will try not to let it be.
We will give up our bodies to escape the pain of it.
Our minds will split, if our hearts do not.
Telling the truth,
with every aspect of our being,
is imperative for harmony in the worlds.
When we admit,
that there are parts of this world that we just can’t admit,
and when we feel how we must then do this to ourselves,
we begin to forgive the taken sides, and reunite.
We come to find that inside us there is always a witness,
itself untouched by the movements of the world,
and at the same time, the force within them.
As we learn to discern this force from these things,
and structures, and selves,
we come to feel it as them.
As us.
The innocence of life takes spring.
And our bracing personas are worn down
like strong mountains into grains of sand,
at the shores of infinity.
Pulled in and tumbled out over and over again,
each time,
this ocean embracing more of us.
Please have faith enough
to give us your courage
and tell us the truth that breaks you down.
May we reflect our courage in you.
May we lay back into these truths until we fall beyond them.
Fall into the gravity of it all,
floating in a weightless embrace.
We are Loved.


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