7th CLN Full Moon: 5th Earth – Q4 – Quarrel

In many traditions,
there is a practice of “running” energy; We call upon different colors, textures, emotions, visuals, sounds, breaths, etc… for desired experiences, perspectives, and transformations. 

Today, Call upon Anger. 

The Diamond Heart school works with Anger as a replacement for Soul Force; The inherent and infinite strength, clarity, and wisdom of our quintessential selves.

What makes you undeniably angry today?  

What is the wisdom of anger for your relationship to this thing that you feel angry about? What is the wisdom of anger for your relationship to yourself? 
What is the effect of anger on your energy, your perspective, your choices,  your life?

If you spin in it, and focus on that which makes you angry?

If you work with it, and focus on the one who is angry and what they know and need? 

Let the Anger tell it here, in your social media networks, with a close skillfully listening friend, or in our online creation space… with #CLN5thEarth

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