New Moon 8: The Lollipop Fool Q1

“I am my beliefs, become my thoughts, become my words, become my actions, become my habits, become my values, become my destiny.”


The Circus Is Here!!!

CLN, this Lollipop fool calls in a circus, the multicolored tents that are our beliefs, the frenetic (disorganized) clowning that is our thoughts, the high flying acrobatic tight rope walking that are our words, the well trained animals known as our habits, and the chariot races and gladiatorial games that demonstrate our values, all so we can see this traveling company of entertainers known as destiny.

Make that lollipop! Make that dangle strike! Make that tongue slap! Do it as not to fight…with yourself. Some say the term “lollipop” may have come from the term “lolly” (tongue) and “pop” (slap, strike) or related to lollto dangle, to sit, to lie, or stand in a lazy, relaxed way.”  

Oh dearest Creative Lollipop Nosher, one who snacks intermittently on creativity throughout the day: how do we use our light creative endeavors and our in-between creative undertakings in this Body/Mind/Spirit of ours with all its beliefs, thoughts and words, to both defuse internal conflict and to manifest our divinely subversive and wretchedly loyal destinies?

How do we use the in-between times, when we are not dealing with heightened conflicts nor are we in active search of our destinies–to nibble and snack on what we have learned? Dangling our tired tongues, relaxing our worked bodies, using our superb tongue slapping skills to practice power for times when the strike is necessary-or to simply enjoy the circus.

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