New Moon 8 – Lollipop Fool – Q2

00_The Fools_Lion Lolipop Fool

I am the lollipop fool.

I am shadow, child of light; Light, child of darkness; Darkness, child of the whole.

I am the bliss realms, when devils and demons lay down their shadow masks and rest in true form, after masterful performances and rituals in the hell realms.

I am the light that pours through cracks in space time from the source of pure potential.

I am body, a crack myself, skin made of shadow, a house of mirrors bouncing light in sacred geometric patterns, through the original womb of darkness.

I walk the cracks like tightropes, on my broken mother’s back, breaking open in every step, sewing seeds in canyons of fertile consciousness.

Moth(er), speak to us of the flame, that which, impossibly compelling, pulls us in transverse orientation to our deaths and our awakenings.

Today, the tightrope is taught. Learn from tension.

Today, i ask you, what tension is.

  • What is the tension between the parts of me that live and play in hell, and the parts of me in heaven?
  • Whom have i had to exclude in order to build a world called heaven (right/light/good/all powerful), and likewise for hell (wrong/dark/bad/struggling for power)?
  • What happens when heaven and hell come to be known, honored, and welcomed home in the lollipop fool?
  • My medicine is creation and destruction, inclusion and exclusion, longing and repulsion, satisfaction and addiction;
    • What is the purpose of the tension in my medicine? 
    • How can faith and tenacious analysis work together?
    • How can surrender and the warriors fierce protection help each other?
    • How can sober truth and audacious dream co-create?

What in me is wanting the union today?

Let us lick the sweetness of the center of the lollipop of our inspiration today, together… share with us #CLNLollipopFool

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