Lollipop Fool Q3: Quest

Set aside 15 minutes of your day today for your body.

Find a piece of paper and a utensil or two or three (pencil, crayon, marker, etc.) Revisit the card of the week (below), taking notice of the postures of the circus of characters. Which one calls to you most?

Today you are the tightrope walking fool, or the lion lying lazily behind? Are you the barely balancing ball-juggling bear or the dancing Hanuman? Are you the whale, or the shadowy figures looming on the edges?

Take the posture of one of these figures and feel into the wisdom of the posture. Hold the posture for 2 mins, or as long as you can.

While in the posture, ask yourself: What do I notice? What’s the sensation in my body as you play this role? Do you need to switch to another character? Play in this circus, moving your body to mimic the moves and discover the lessons of your own soma (body).

Release the posture.

Without over thinking it, pick up one of the utensils you chose, close your eyes, and allow your hand to draw/scribble/sketch a reflection of what your body learned from your time in the Circus of Lollipop kNowledge.

Photograph your paper and share it share it here: #CLNLollipopFool

00_The Fools_Lion Lolipop Fool

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