Lollipop Fool – Q4 – Quotes

“…true love waits in haunted attics, and true love lives on lollipops…” ~ Thom Yorke

“Just as the Buddhist heaven is not a permanent, eternal state, neither is its hell. Even the most wretched souls will eventually work their way out of even the deepest pit of hell, just as even the highest and purest souls will eventually lose their footing in heaven and descend again into the cycle of death and rebirth.”

~Kevin Williams on the ‘Bardo Thodol’

That’s a girl’s life for the rest of her days-

-somewhere between a lollipop and shots.

~ Christy Turlington

“Love is the most practical thing in the world. You may think that’s a lot of lollipop but just try it. Love is the most practical thing in the world. If you take an attitude of love toward everybody you meet, you’ll eventually get along.”
-Will Durant



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