8th New Moon – the Lollipop Fool – Q6 – a Quanversation

00_The Fools_Lion Lolipop Fool

Quan Yin or Padma-pâni, (Born of the Lotus) is the buddhist goddess of mercy, compassion, and beauty amongst other things.

She was a he until the 12th century.

She is a master of transformation, she recognizes the perfection of a current state. If we show her the ugliest parts of us, she’ll see them as beautiful, and she’ll see them as part of a complete cycle with no need to be meddle with, fixed, or changed; She will simply unfold in miracle and mundane with you basking in your beauty.


  • Pull out the parts of you that you experience as most ugly and show them to this goddess. Let her eyes show you another way to see these parts of you. 
  • Then pull out the most beautiful, let her eyes witness them as beautiful too, an notice, to her they are not more beautiful, or more valuable, but as beautiful as those ugly parts you just revealed. 
  • Now bring these two beautiful sides of you together and let them see each other sharing the same beauty. 

Share with us some of the beauty that comes from this practice… #CLNlollipopfool

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