Lollipop Fool Q7: Quarrel

“Life in the circus ain’t easy
But the folks on the outside don’t know
The tent goes up and the tent comes down
And all that they see is the show…”

– ani difranco, freakshow

What “show” are you putting on for the “audiences” in your life? What aspect of yourself is at odds with the expression painted on your face? Are you truly at ease as the Lollipop Fool who can leisurely lean towards the lion with a sweet offering in hand? Or is there an inner critic, an internal hater, a voice inside always doubting your performance, that you constantly quarrel with?

ani difranco’s song “freakshow” screams ecstatically, proclaiming the circus show is “about freedom” & “about faking”…

instead of feeling in conflict with the dissonance, can you find the freedom in the faking?


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