CLN 8th Waxing Half Moon – 10th Water – Q1 (Big Q)

10_10th Water_Formatted

“All that I want and need is within my reach”

Let’s celebrate.

it’s been a hard winter (atleast),

and we made it.

let’s take inventory of our triumphs rainbow warrior whales.

Get full on satisfaction. get drunk on it. let’s get sober with our power, with how generous life actually is to us. it’s subversive to the entire paradigm of oppressive extractive, white supremist, patriarchal capitalism to notice how generous life actually is.

yes there is much to be done. yes the road ahead calls for new levels of gangster ass loving. and yes, we must always remember to celebrate. our celebration is necessary to feed the spirits of everything in our lives. 

lay the golden buddhi out and pour it through our hands,

feast, intoxicate, swim in it until we are in love with the whelming beauty of everything!

let’s plant the seeds of fully harvested fields and feed the earth with the sunlight and soil we’ve digested. 

I’ll start:

  • 8 moon cycles in, 3 of us are tracking daily, a 26 moon cycle (2 year) tarot reading.
  • We have 8 months of daily practices, prompts, and invitations to create, deconstruct, and engage.
  • This is such an amazing journal, oracle, creative focal point, transformative fractally immersive, long-arching, many-mirrored process!
  • We have assembled over thirty artists to collaborate on a large catalog of music in response to The Fools Tarot deck and this daily Q process.
  • We are innovating Audio Experiences for P.O.W.’s in America’s Prison Industrial Complex!
  • Kind, generous, bad ass people are stepping out of the wood works to collaborate or support!
  • it’s beeeaaauuutiful outside!!!
  • Beauty is so much louder in me!!!
  • I’m in love!
  • I got mad family living around me!

there is cornbread in the universe.

and ice cream

and pie.

that list could go on forever!

  • i make love regularly. and cuddle naked. and smell her armpits. and she pops my pimples and does my hair. 
  • i really like what i know about loving and being loved. 
  • humility has come hard, but i really like how little i know too. 
  • i fucking hate so many things about this world, and i’m learning where this vigilant self defense can fit in my body and psyche through creative liberation..
  • i know a well being and joy inherent in beingness

Ok, that felt real good. i could just keep going. but for us, that’s a lot. Now you share!!! below or here with #CLNrainbowhalesnegus 


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