8th Waxing Moon – 10th Water – Q3 – the Quarrel

  1. Happiness, like christmas or easter, is a mascot for a commodified version of something much deeper and much more ancient.
  2. Fuck the happiness we’ve been sold.
  3. Just within the satisfaction of building up walls of comfort around ourselves, is a chaotic numbness suppressing voices of rage, grief, lack, fear, and tension. 
  4. Just within rage, grief, lack, fear, and tension, there is a raw and boundless self who’s true nature is nature; Life itself; To know this source of self is true happiness.

Deconstruct happiness today. Revolt! Be happy for absolutely no reason at all. Be happy while your outraged, or heartbroken. Dare to find happiness with you no matter whats happening or what else you feel. Be your true nature and let the true power of joy spill over, into, and out of every place in your life. Spill some here in a comment or in our online creation space with #CLNrainbowhalesnegus

10_10th Water_Formatted

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