8th Waxing Moon – 10th Water – Q4 – a Quantifier


10_10th Water_Formatted


my underwater rainbow breathing kin,

we have some more practices to stretch and strengthen the abundance muscles:

  • Write down 3 blocks you have to the kind of financial, relational, emotional, mental, spiritual, and/or material abundance you want and need.
    •  Find those blocks as sensations in your body (i.e. tightness in my chest, a golden knot of energy about 6 inches above my forehead, numbness in my forearms).
    • Acknowledge these blocks as desire.
    • Let the desire expand and move freely in your body while you witness.
  • Write down 3 things you want and need.
    • Find those wants/needs as sensations in your body (i.e. fluttering in my heart with a deep expansive cavern just inside the fluttering, heat in my hips, a dense sphere slowly circling in the soles of both my feet).
    • Acknowledge these wants and needs as desire.
    • Let the desire expand and move freely in your body while you witness.
  • Do something to nourish those 3 wants and needs and those 3 blocks today.
  • Imagine you have $10,000 that you have to spend today.
    • Write yourself a check, or make a play $10,000 bill.
    • With each payment, take a moment to appreciate the sensations you feel as you imagine actually buying/paying off/giving.
    • Make a list of how you spend.
    • Spend every last penny today.
    • Do it again tomorrow and add $2k, next day add another, and so on at least until the Full Moon on April 19th.
  • Share with us: How do you spend? What’s the sensation? What desires and blocks of desire do you find? Share below, or here with #CLNrainbowhalesnegus

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