9th Waxing moon – 5/18-5/31 – The Hanged One – Big Q

12_The Hanged One_Formatted with frame


Divinely orchestrated, rapidly moving, celestial body;




Pull up a seat,

kick out the stool from under all that heavy weight you’ve carried here,

and let it hang out in the gravity of it all,

floating in space.


Let the vastness of space take your breath away, 

and let it give it back anew. 


Surrender to this planet, our Mother, spinning at 1000 mph, suspended in the magnetism of our sun, whipping gracefully around the galactic center at over 510,000 mph.

It takes 230 million years to complete a round trip. We are orbiting a Black Hole, the mystery, the negative space, an imploded giant star; Our forms, and time and space themselves, are all defined here by this inversion of the fabric of the universe.  


It’s time to surrender your own movement, 
to the movement of the cosmos. 
It’s time to invert, 
let something you have defined your mass with, 
fold in on itself until it splits the fabric of reality 
and opens a new dimension.

What strange fruits have you just cut loose?

From which tree?
What seed?

Who’s compelling and often harmful event horizons
have you just broken orbit from?

Our push and pull and dynamic union tell me this, as we float:

We are not foreign objects strung up into existence
through acts of narcissistic violence!


We are spiraling golden means.
We are means to ends and beginnings, perpetually.

We nice sun!!!

We are Divinely orchestrated, rapidly moving, celestial bodies,
guided by divine consciousness and the forces of nature.

Let's cut loose right here right now, 
like we've died and gone to the force that gives us life, 
like we took our last breath, realized we wanted more, 
and fought to come back through the door, 
like divine mind turned us around, back to life, 
and said get to living then! 

Let’s Be here on purpose.

Let's take action now, by sitting still, 
and letting it all become clear. 
Don't chase it out of here, let it come to you.

I am the mirror to reflect to you, that you are right on track,
entrain with all that is present in the field of your experience,
conductor to caboose, and cut loose and cut loose!

While we hang, practice this with me:

What gesture do you make 
when you are signaling to yourself the universe 
that you are open and receptive? 

What gesture do you make 
when you are signaling to you yourself the universe, 
“no thank you”? 

Sit still somewhere that makes it as easy as possible for you to do so, surrender your movement to the great movements of the cosmos, and practice these gestures like an airplane runway marshall, as you make your final goodbyes to old weights, and celebratory welcomes to new orbits.


share some gestures from your celestial body HERE. #CLNwaitweight

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