9th Waning Moon – the Hanged One – Q2 – 4 quarters

Celestial body,

part of orbiting another, spinning around yourself, and being orbited is the relative perspective you get to practice. Today, emulate your larger cosmic journeys by watching from different perspectives. Amongst the brilliant ways you discover to do this, try this one on too:

  • Pick a spot you’d like to observe from for 20 minutes.
  • Watch the same place, just in front of your eyes for 5 minutes at a time, while saying “I am in perfect alignment to receive all of my blessings” intermittently.
  • Spend 5 minutes watching the same spot upside down, then 5 on your right side,  5 “right side up”, then 5 on your left. Pick your own order, extend the time in each position, go until there is no “right side up” any more… (just saying)

    share some perspective: #CLNwaitweight

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