10th Full Moon – Death – Q1 – Quake


For Mama Connie Haines 

May our tears be pathway home,

may our memories warm your spirit as you leave cold body behind,

may we recognize you more complete than we ever have before,

now that this portion of your journey has come to cross roads.

May the very earth,

and all her children hold your baby boy as he grieves.

May his body flail, and wail, and fight,

and surrender, and giggle, and understand,

as this earth shaking transformation catches up with his love for you.

May he feel your whispers on his neck,

your hands on his heart,

your rainbows in the skies

as your eyes wide zoom out and out and out,

and in and in and in,

and may we all nurture the shifts in perspective your spirit bows to us with now.

There are many reasons that this feels wrong,

many that can make it seem right,

and none that can convince the heart not to break.



and death,

catch the pieces of our hearts

as they fall like night and rise like day,



into all the hues of shine and shadow.

Thank you for coming, and going,

in such love.

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