10th Full Moon – Death – Q2 – Quest


You will surely Die,

it is only a Cancer that tries to refuse.


How sad,

a malignant Capitalism insisting on infinite growth,

refusing to reconcile the unfathomable death and destruction in it’s wake,

promises to kill itself and all of us,

by destroying it’s hosts if we do not bring it to hospice. 

How sad,

the one who refuses death, refuses life. 

How tricky, 

do not refuse this genocidal cancer,

this machine of death,

to refuse death itself,

and life,

as heart breakingly perplexing as it is.

No thing is refuse,

no thing is a throw away,

there is no away,

do not fear,

death is not the landfill of no longer wanted or un-useful things;

Death is the soil under your feet that receives all things and gives them to life. 


Die and die and die, before you die.
Die, and I and I, and you will fly. 

You are dying right now,

stop to feel it, surrender to it, and celebrate it.

Today, practice letting go of everything. 

Give your body, your thoughts, your emotions, your past, your future, your present, your things, your people, your whole life to this moment right now. 

The nature of the physical universe is constant transformation, everything is transforming right now, this is death, and life, allow it, give thanks for it, and share something that comes to life through death for you today. 







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