The Sun Q2: Quiet

Yesterday we imagined the ways we might greet and gift the sun, the star that provides a vital ingredient for most of the life on earth, while simultaneously greeting and gifting ourselves in our newness every morning.

Today, go deeper into this relationship.

Take a few minutes to be with the sunshine in silence. Feel the sun’s light on your skin, on the hairs on your body, on your eyelashes, your lips. What does it smell like? Can you taste sunshine? Can you hear it? Let yourself be thoroughly impacted.

Lean into experiencing the sun’s light as a caress, as the loving touch of a parent or guardian who provides for you unconditionally, or a generous friend who is always there when you need them, or even as the attention of a passionate lover. Connect with the fact that your relationship with the sun is likely one of the longest and most sustaining relationships in your life…even before you were born, you received nourishment from the sun through the womb.

Might you allow this experience to be sensual in the sense that we simple are a sense-oriented animal? Might you even imagine this receptivity as a possibly erotic experience? What does your body want to do in response to this intimate time with the sun? After your moments of silence, allow yourself to integrate and respond…move, sing, scream, spin, nap…be in your fullness with your sun-self and share about your full-sensory experience of silent sunshine worship here.



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