11th CLN Full Moon: Builder Organizer of Fire Q1

“I am composed, sexy, confident-and have absolute faith in my abilities.”

14_Builder Organizer of Fire_FINAL

you made it.


to today.

to NOW.

if you are reading this, you have come through all that has come before to RIGHT NOW – and THAT deserves celebration.

in fact, take a moment to really take in the fullness of YOU now.


YOU are a phenomenal example of human resilience, brilliance, perfect imperfection, grandeur. and NOW is a time to indulge in your wonder with some serious, fiery, flamboyant, sexy self-love.

so quit resisting, and get ready for a week of receiving — from YOURSELF. you are about to embark on a journey from the crown down, lovin’ up EVEN the resistance…in fact, it’s gonna be a dance down the delicious resilient edge of resistance…more about that edge later.

for now, here’s your warm up: sounds said to energize your body and start your chakras spinning, according to Barbara Carrellas, sex educator, author, and theater artist, who suggests this excercise:

  1. Stand or sit comfortably and keep your spine straight.
  2. Start with a very low oooo. Feel the sound vibrate deep in your genitals and lower abdomen.
  3. Raise the pitch a little and let ohhh vibrate your solar plexus (the area just above your belly button). Stay with it. Change pitches slightly until you can actually feel the vibration in your solar plexus.
  4. Sing or chant a somewhat higher-pitched ahhh. Let your shoulders relax and feel your chest expand. You’ll know it’s the right pitch when you feel the maximum vibration or expansion around your heart. 
  5. Next, sing or chant aaaay. Make sure you’ve raised the pitch from the previous chakra. Keep adjusting the pitch until you find the one that gives you the best vibration in your throat.
  6. Last, sing or chant eeee at the highest pitch you can possibly reach. Let it vibrate the top of your head!

do this until you’ve stopped thinking about whether it’s cheesy, or appropriating, or embarrassing…do it till you FEEL it. celebrate your body with these sounds, and express how you feel afterwards through any medium you like and share it here


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