Builder Organizer of Fire Q2: Quiet (the crown)

today begins seven days of sexyconfidentnow self-love, starting with the crown:

  1. set aside 15 mins or more
  2. choose silence or select peaceful music
  3. if you have essential oils or incense or candles, use them to add to the serenity and sensual experience
  4. find a comfortable place to lie down
  5. breath slowly through your nose, taking notice of the air as it reaches your face
  6. bring your hands to your face, and gently place your palms over your eyes, letting your fingers rest on your forehead
  7. when you are ready, begin massaging your temples, your scalp, your crown.
  8. try using your fingertips to massage in circles, varying the pressure to see what you like.
  9. continue to breath
  10. when you are almost out of time, bring your hands back to your face for three breaths, then let your hands down to your side, or rest them on your heart or belly.
  11. just breath for another few minutes.
  12. thank your crown for all the fabulous work it does for you.
  13. affirm yourself: “I am composed, sexy, confident-and have absolute faith in my abilities.”


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