11th CLN Full Moon: Builder Organizer of Fire Q4: Qlench & Qlear (throat)

day 2 of 7 of sexyconfidentnow self-love: lovin’ up your jaw, neck, and throat

  1. set aside 15 mins or more for today’s self-love practice
  2. grab a pair of clean socks.
  3. find a song on a device or a song in your heart
  4. get your body in a place where you can move easily or is comfortable with socks and song nearby AND you feel comfortable making some loud sounds
  5. grab the socks and give’em a good bite. QLENCH for 10-30 seconds and let out some aggression (careful that you don’t bite too hard! be mindful of your teeth). release and repeat three times — make any sounds — growling or grunting included — might come naturally
  6. set down the socks and give your jaw a good shake to prepare for the QLEARING
  7. now it’s time to sing. sing loud, and sing proud. clear your throat, let out any sounds the are stuck, and hesitation or fear — clear it all away with some full belly top of the lungs singing

REPEAT as necessary until you feel your throat chakra is open, vibrant, loved up, and #sexyconfidentnow

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