Builder Organizer of Fire Q5: Qlench & Hold (Solar Plexus)

day 4 of 7 of #CLNsexyconfidentnow self-love practices is in dignity with teachers of the Qlench & Hold (also known as the Big Draw) such as Montak Chia & Joseph Kramer, as well as countless somatic sex educators throughout the world. 
may this practice release any unneeded tension held in your core, and make space for increased vital energy.
Preparation for the Qlench & Hold:

  1. Read over these instructions first to become familiar with the steps before you try this exercise; make sure to read the safety NOTE below.
  2. If you are able, lie down on something firm but comfortable (such as a yoga mat on the ground) with your hands by your side. If your body has different needs or ability, place your body in a way that might support the breathing and clenching described below.
  3. When you are comfortable and ready, begin the breathing for the Qlench & Hold

Steps in the Qlench & Hold:

  1. Rapidly inhale and exhale through pursed lips, being sure that you are breathing all the way down to your pelvic bowl (past your solar plexus, all the way below your belly button, ideally down to your anus)
  2. Breath rapidly until you feel energized and ready to take three deep breaths
  3. When ready for the big breaths, begin on an deep exhale, letting all the air out using the sound “fffff“.
  4. Take three deep breaths.
  5. If you are able, bring your legs and torso up so your body takes the shape of a “V”
  6. Tighten your anus and throat muscles; make a fist and tense all your muscles as much as possible.
  7. Hold your breath for about one minute.
  8. Hold it, hold it, hold it… and then let go.
  9. RELAX — just let your body drop into relaxed position
  10. Feel what’s happening to your body now.
  11. If you want, you can mentally send this energy from your sexual region, along the spine, through the solar plexus, to your heart.

NOTE: If your head turns red during the Big Draw, stop immediately.
Next time, tense your head and neck less and focus more on tensing the anus, legs and abdomen.

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