Builder Organizer of Fire Q6: Quell (Sacral Chakra)

day 6 of 7 #CLNsexyconfidentnow self-love practices is dedicated to the pelvic area, the kidneys, reproductive system, urinary bladder, and genitals
  1. set aside 15 mins or more for today’s self-love practice
  2. if you have any of the following Essential oils Ylang ylang, Sandalwood, Clary Sage, Rose, Jasmine, choose one or two 
  3. find a large bowl and fill with water
  4. add oil or herbs to the water as desired
  5. if you are able, find a comfortable place where you can set the water near you and have space to move your body
  6. sit with the water breathing deeply and sending love to your pelvic area
  7. after some time, move into child’s pose (which is restorative and supportive for your pelvic area). if you need variations on child’s pose, there are many (see image below…and you can even use a chair if you can’t/don’t want to put your head so low to the ground — just rest your arms and head on a chair with a pillow)
  8. repeat this process for as long as you desired, sitting with the water and then moving into child’s pose, affirming “I am composed, sexy, confident-and have absolute faith in my abilities.”

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