11th Waning Moon – 8th Air – BigQ

“I feed my demons with shameless love, we are satiated.”



08_8th Air_Minor Arcana.jpg


Dearest CLN demons,

There are so many gratitudes CLN wants to share with you all on this blessed beginning to the waning moon…we would like to call you to the surface, so that you may be feed abundantly and find yourselves in the deepest loving compassion that we may offer. I have heard that shame has run rampant in our demonic circles and we are here to speak with you of the wisdom of shame and gift that shameless love can be.

Rise you loved demons, exit those closets and take off those masks…this is your home too, all of me is welcome, which includes you.

Preeminent shame researcher Brené Brown says shame “is the intensely painful feeling or experience of believing that we are flawed and therefore unworthy of love and belonging…We’re afraid that people won’t like us if they know the truth about who we are, where we come from, what we believe, how much we’re struggling, or, believe it or not, how wonderful we are when soaring.”

CLN, are you wondering what your demons are? They are the fears, despairs, frustrations, disappointments, and heartaches. They are the thoughts, feelings and personal struggles which exist within, tormenting us and preventing us from experiencing peace, harmony, joy and liberation. Some say we have two choices when it comes to handling our demons: confront and conquer them, or run away and hide from them.

Here is a third option sweet demon lover, compassion carrier and sacred listener, let us take a moment to honor our demons, honor the places they come from, honor their beliefs, their true selves, and the struggles they have had to face in this life and time. This is a time to shamelessly love the path and presence of our shadowy accomplices. No need to run, fight or freeze, its time to honor, time to love, time to be with our demons.

Brown says, “I did not learn about vulnerability and courage and creativity and innovation from studying vulnerability. I learned about these things from studying shame. And so I want to walk you in to shame. Jungian analysts call shame the swampland of the soul. And we’re going to walk in. And the purpose is not to walk in and construct a home and live there. It is to put on some galoshes — and walk through and find our way around.”

Tell us something about your demons vulnerability and presence…how do you feel when their near, what stories arise in you, what worries overtake you, what creative ways do you know to be with these shadow bearers?



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