12th Waning Moon – the Star – Big Q

0_17_The Star_Formatted

Read This:

The Stars are our Ancestors. Our Sun Star gives us everything we are and everything we need in the physical world. Our Sun Star is but one star in a vast network of constellations. Say this Consistent Liberation Narrative, “I have the Self-Esteem of a F*ckin Star” while you look into the Stars in your eyes in the mirror, while you dance around and look at all our relations (everything; plants, animals, elements, chairs, walls, floors, etc…), while you trace the felt sense of your ancestry through all the horrendous and miraculous parts, all the way back into the birth of the cosmos.

Say “I have the Self-Esteem of a F*ckin Star” and feel the Stars inside you. Let Gerome Lebeux and his extended spiritual family above, guide you into deeper familiarity with this reclamation of our vast and twinkling selves.

Then, play this and practice!!! 


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