12th Waning Moon – the Star – Q4 – Quote and Qualmmentary

I’m not sure anymore
Just how it happened before,

(Bring your awareness to the present moment)

The places that I knew
Were sunny and blue,
I can feel it deep inside
This black nigger’s pride.

(Honor the yearning for, and knowing of the majesty and dignity that is our birth right)

I have no fear when I say
And I say it every day

(Claim the truth of who you are.)

Every Nigger is a Star

(We are not what “they” say we are. Maybe we have internalized some of it. Claim the deeper truths, release the lies, and reweave our divine, cosmic, natural inheritance now.)

I have walked the streets alone
Twenty years I’ve been on my own,
To be hated and despised
No one to sympathize,

(Yeah y’all, this shit can be so hard, lonely, devastating, unfathomably violent and maddening.)
But there’s one great thing I know
You can say, “I told you so”,
We’ve got a right place in the sun
Where there’s love for everyone.

(Turn to how our Sun Star loves us!!!)

-Boris Gardiner (Every Nigger is a Star) Interpreted by Amani Will


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