12th Waning Moon – the Star – Q5 – Yaaassss Queen

Today comrades, it’s time to “Shine on it!!!”.

Pick a part of yourself that you do not hold in glowing loving esteem and “Shine on it!!!”.

1st, admit it. (“yes this part of me exists.”)

2nd, love the shit out of it (literally love the bullshit lies that make you judge/devalue/shun/dislike/hate/etc… whatever this part of you is. Compost that shit. turn your old devaluing relationship with this part of you into fertile soil, plant some seeds of love, appreciation, understanding, and genuine curiosity, and then shine some more. (“I love this about me!!!”) 

3rd, shine awareness on it. (“What is this part of me, where does it come from, what wisdom do they hold, what do they need, how can i give them purpose and let them shine in me and in the world…?”)

4th, shine on us!!! Share some shine here with #clnStarEsteem

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