12th Waning Moon – the Star – Q6 – sQript

You are the Star of your own life.

Yes, the sun of your own solar system.  

Yes, the leading player in the now playing, action, drama, comedy, horror, thriller, feel good, family, romance, sci-fi, documentary, indie, big studio,virtual reality, life long film. 

Today, reclaim some Author-ity. 

In co-creation with your internal and external team of writers, you write the narrative of your life, and at least some of the plot for your life itself. 

Do some re-writes with your main character today, spend some time visioning what perspectives you really want to tell your stories from, what you really want to see your main character doing, and who you really want to see them being.

then, Lights (from our Sun and your own internal shine), Camera (take a selfie? notice the ancestors witnessing? flip off the security cameras? etc…), Action (Play the part you’ve written for yourself Star!) 

Share some script edits and plot twists here with #clnStarEsteem

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