The Gift – Day 1: BigQ

It has almost been a year Cosmic Love Ninjas, and oh wow, what a year it has been.

A three-card spread, a gift for reflection:

past / present / future

body / mind / spirit

ego / id / superego

strengths / weaknesses / advice

opportunities / challenges / outcome

what worked well / what didn’t work well / key learnings

what trinity will serve you best as this 13-moon year comes to a close?


The first card pulled in the gift was the FeelerHealer of Fire

11_Feeler Healer of Fire_FINAL.jpg

“I am a daredevil in integrity, fearless and fun.”

Creatively Liberated Nightingale moving with power and hope over vast distances, with freed energy allowing for action and progress…this card calls in the fierce energy of the Tiger overcoming obstacles and fears through the process of reclaiming place and power, while learning to be with strong emotions; the Horse calls in freedom without restraint, power and wisdom; and the Phoenix knowing that transition is upon it, ignites and reemerges from its own ashes – reborn and renewed.

Creatively Liberated Nightingale, there is no need to continue clinging to the past, no need to fear the present or long for the future, your connection to death, love, creativity and playful song is a gift, helping to call in the liberated existence that is your birthright…

You are Fire!

You are the dragoness’ breath, the red passion flowers petals, the spark that creates dreams to chase, the flint, the wood, and the flame, you are the sun proclaimed and praised for the heat after a long rain, you are divine change – the FeelerHealer of Fire.


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