The Gift – Day 2: Big Q pt. 2

02_2nd Water_FINAL

“My heart radiates love, so I attract love, all is well.”

You my beloved mirrored miracle, you are made up of a vast network of partnerships: the sun, moon and all the planets in their intertwined co-creativity make the world that makes you, and you are partnered with them in this process. Earth, Air, Fire, and Water are the building blocks, the precursor to your oldest earth born ancestors, those that come together in partnership to give you body and all that comes with it. Your family, your friends, co-workers, collaborators, fellow travelers and Creatively Liberated Networks support us with compassionate nurturing exchanges of experience. 

Sweet many souled lover, the 2nd Water reflects a heartfelt exchange of emotions that is the gift of relationship – a love that is creative, focused, inspirational and egalitarian. This is a beautiful start, a seed that will blossom into an ancient rooted tree of appreciation and loving kindness, understanding that our basic goodness is what connects our many hearts – reminding us how special we are to one another, reminding us that we are gifts.  

The two-snake caduceus asks us to remember our ancient interdependence with trade, our legacy of eloquence, our gift for trickery, and our inventive forms of communication and negotiation… it calls us into balance, into the recognition and respect for our experience of duality, sensuality and carnality, authenticity, protection, cosmic energy, alchemy and wisdom.

The Dolphin knows that we move with a higher intelligence, allowing for a trust in instinct and intuition rather than over-thinking or relying on cleverness. The dolphin lives in harmony with most species, including humans and their gentle ways remind us to look for the good. Oh, and the dolphin says, “don’t forget to play, have fun and cultivate joy!” 

“My heart radiates love, so I attract love, all is well.”





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