The Gift – Day 3: BigQ pt3

13_Alchemist Artivist of Water_FINAL

“I am in harmony with the universe and benefit from all its power and love.”

Calmly Lounging Navigator, moving with ease and flow through life’s ever-changing waters with focus and fluidity that allows for graceful navigation of the dynamic journey, NOW is your time to enjoy the ride. Like the fierce tiger strutting through the forest or the massive orca smoothly jumping out of the water, you have the capacity to harness your wildness and perform with awesome skill — if you allow yourself to embrace your magnificence!

Creatively Liberated Nightingale, there is no need to continue struggling against the elements you confront within and without, no need to fear judgement or strive for praise from others — YOU cary your cup and your crown, YOU ride the waves of your destiny, YOU choose the masks and armor you where, when you where them, and when you take them off. Your ability to harness the flow of the energy of the NOW and dynamically steer not matter what comes your way is a gift, guiding you through the liberated existence that is your birthright…

You are Water!

You are the waves caressing the sand, dew on the morning grass, the splashing of children in puddles, the cloud, the fog, the storm, and the rain praised for feeding the crops after a long drought. you are divine change – the AlchemistArtivist of Water.

two wild-riders have arrived on either side of the 2nd Water, a card calling for tender self-reflection and a reminder of the importance of self-love.

today, let your body be impacted by these three images:

can you imagine what it would feel like to surf flames? can you find a posture or movement that expresses the way the FeelerHealer of Fire is a reflection of you? and then find another posture or movement that expresses the AlchemistArtivist of Water? perhaps you have two songs you love that could accompany your movements, or postures, or other creative embodiments of these cards…

once you have found a way to let your body be deeply impacted by FeelerHealer of Fire and the AlchemistArtivist of Water, turn your attention to the 2nd Water. grab your journal or your phone or someway to record yourself:

it is time to celebrate your relationships with all your selfs!

fill two “cups” with celebrations and gratitudes for the ways that you relate to the world and others as the FeelerHealer of Fire and the AlchemistArtivist of Water. don’t be shy –GUSH! let loving watery praise flow, and flow, and flow!

if you feel stuck, you can start with these three affirmations:

“I am a daredevil in integrity, fearless and fun”

 “My heart radiates love, so I attract love, all is well”

“I am in harmony with the universe and benefit from all its power and love”





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