The Gift – Day 10: Quantum Creativity pt. 1

What type of world exists in you Creator of Love and Nuance? What do those small parts of you, those parts of you that go unseen and unknown more often than not, want to manifest in the world? How do they see, feel, know, and create the world which we share? So many paths, so many moments, so many ideas, so many beliefs, so many quantum possibilities…with quantum creativity. Whether you are talking quantum physics, fields, mechanics, leaps or computers we are exploring an understanding of nature at the smallest scale.

So how do we know “how much?” creativity exists in each of us and the best ways to use our energy to manifest reality? These are big questions…some might say we are creative being, every particle that makes each of us is an infinite-finite feasible environment for all possibilities of existence.

Today, Creator of Love and Nuance, we are asking how could this reality be a manifestation of your smallest impulse? And, what is that impulse – Innocent Quantum Creator of Divine and Deliberate Consciousness? Also, what might you do differently, when recreating reality?



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