The Gift – Day 11: Quantum Field/Leap pt 2

02_2nd Water_FINAL

  • What if our different mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual states create quantum fields together?
  • What if the way our molecular structures interact with the laws of physics and the laws of the universe are mutable based on the state of these quantum fields?
  • What if we quantum leap all the time as we pass through our different mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual states?

The 2ndWater invites us to notice the quantum leaps we take in each of our partnerships given the effect they have on our states of being.

  • Notice how the laws of the universe operate within yourself and in your life
    • in your deepest tantrums
    • in your most expansive love
    • in your middle way
  • Notice these fields, leaps, and laws at play
    • with each of your close friends, in your crew(s), at your job(s), with your co-workers, in your communities, out in nature, when you’re making art etc…
  • Notice how the cultures, narratives, and agreements, in each of these places and partnerships coincide with or contradict the laws of the universe you experience and/or want to experience there.
  • Notice how you feel about the quantum fields present in each of these relationships.
    • What quantum fields/laws of the universe are you wanting to experience most right now?
    • What kind of relationships are you cultivating with the most challenging laws
    • Which partnerships feed these desired quantum field experiences and relationships?
    • Are there any that might deplete, distract, or dismantle the states and relationships you want?
    • What Would Water Do?

Quantum leap Network #CLNthegift

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