The Gift – Day 12: Quantum Leap pt 3

today, be like the ArtivistAlchemist of Water, gracefully — and in dignity — accepting support from the ocean, the orca, and the air that carries the bold bubbles and swirls.

as we are reminded by the consistent liberation narrative, we can be in harmony with the universe and benefit from all its power and love — but sometimes, this harmony doesn’t simply arrive — you have to ASK.

today, take a quantum leap of faith and boldly ask for something you might otherwise hesitate to ask for, perhaps out of fear of rejection, or because what you want seems too much to ask for. if you are not ready to ask it directly, shout it to the sky, sing it in melodious song, scribe it a hundred times in purple crayon on the back of old cereal boxes, write it in lipstick on your mirror…

no matter the form, just ASK ASK ASK. get your desire out there into the world with a bold leap of faith that in some form, someday, the tides of life will take you to the place where your desire is met (of course, it could happen in a mysterious way, so keep an open mind on this ocean-wave ride!)

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