The Gift – Day 14: Quote Yourself pt2

Njuzu, Yaku, Ama, Maji, Manannan Mc Nir,

Nomo Annagono,

Ho ‘oponopono our ears,

dripped with all this water torture forming for years,

under them slow release tears,

grieving with waters frozen in fear;

We call upon the spring bubble up through us come clear

the path we’ve bled with our watershed,

connect the flow here. 

Running gender fluid, Arab Springs, Salmon swimming up stream,

back to headwaters, ‘member the seeds of our dreams.

We belong to the river beds, 

our banks carry currents to sea,

we reign over our own heads and transform free.

Smobbin’ in my H2

Ohhhhh when we ride by,

banging on our head waters, 

mokelumne for life!!!!


02_2nd Water_FINAL



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